015 ✖ announcement

Hey guys, I feel kind of bad for this announcement considering I made this comm back in what. November? But anyway...I am joining:


I was invited to join leofied by these wonderful ladies, and dasjlf, I am so honored to join them. ;_; So if you would like, please watch leofied! And thank you for all the watchers this comm got in a short amount of time. Thank you!

014 ✖ 188 icons

20 ▌ dynasty warriors
20 ▌ gunnerkrigg court
16 ▌ homestuck
88 ▌ spam post icons (check tags)
16 ▌ starry☆sky (possible after summer spoilers)
28 ▌ vocaloid

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013 ✖ spam post

spam post!

I feel like I've only been iconing S*S which I have, and I have been planning to open a spam post for a while! Post as many pictures as you like! If you want manga, a colour reference is nice, and I would love it if the scan is HQ. Please include fandoms as well! Thank you!